Sarwadnya Communication PVT LTD- we are destined to meet

Sarwadnya Communication Pvt Ltd. Is a B2b and B2C company which provides products
and services to all international clients for website promotion, graphic designing, e-commerce
and digital marketing. It specialises in digital services with varied specialised services like
Social Media marketing services, SEM, Social media marketing, PPC services, blogs
management, app development, brand advertising, graphic design and web designing. These
services are an integral part of all companies for growth and success. Without these impactful
services, one cannot survive the demanding digital world.
After gaining considerable success in a short span of time, Sarwadnya also turned its
expertise as a product based company with Om services dealing exclusively with Samsung
mobile devices and accessories and took to successful film productions and promotion
services with Rsca films. It has delivered very successful video short films and promotions on
an international level.
Sarwadnya is a parent company which came into existence in 2004. In the same year
Sarwadnya started a premium Samsung store and café by the name of Om services. It is a
premium global company delivering the latest Samsung mobile devices and its accessories.
Om Services is leading as one of the best marketing companies since its establishment in
dealing exclusively with Samsung products and accessories. Om services provides a wide
range of products like phone cases, screen protectors, gadgets like smart watches, drones,
power back-ups, and audio accessories which includes speakers, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
connectivity speakers and wireless headphones, earphones, and others. We strive to meet the
needs of the domestic and international client who want a diverse and rich product variety
with guarantee. We endeavours to deliver excellent customer services for enriching complete
trust in our clients.

Sarwadnya soon spreads its wings to specialise in Film production and promotion with Rsca
films. Within a short span of time, Rsca Films has established a strong presence and
trustworthy relationship with the clients. We deal with only international clients across the
world and strive to surpass their expectations. The clients have shown blind trust in our
company as we maintain complete confidentiality of the client’s data and deliver timely and
exceptional output.

In this modern world of digitisation, Sarwadnya has taken an online approach to deal with
international clients as well. Online services has made it easier to communicate and provide
services to the international clients pertaining to selling products or rendering marketing

Om Services
Sarwadnya communications launched the Om services Samsung smart café in the year 2004,
and took lead in the tech world. Since the inception of Om services it has won the top global
market share in the digital world. Om services has reached a remarkable growth in the digital
At the smart store and café you can approach the certified experts to get instant solutions to
all your queries. Personalised solutions for all queries and hand-in demonstration is an
available at the exclusive Samsung smart café. We offer our visitors an unforgettable
experience and revolutionised the shopping experience too.

Rsca films
Rsca Films, an initiative by Sarwadnya Communications has successfully built its name as a
Film production and promotion house. Rsca Films have a close association with reputed film
makers and industry experts on an international sphere. We work with international clients
branding and advertising through featured and short films. Rsca strives to provide the most
effective films with a greater impact. The promotional line is highly competitive today, and
we know how to create the positive film promotional videos to spark an establishment in the
Brand managers, corporate communication heads, and marketing professionals across the
globe in the international sphere trust Rsca films for end to end video promotional services.

Sawandya Communications digital services
Sarwandya Communications specialises in developing the most effective digital marketing
strategy and its implementation. As a complete b2b services company, Sarwadnya offers
specialised services which includes Social Media marketing, Search engine optimisation,
blog management, Pay per click, website analyses development, digital advertising, graphic
designing, app development and brand advertising.
We provide an integrated solution of internet marketing services to improve the website
traffic, upgrade the social engine ratings and creating a brand awareness.

Sarwadnya Communications Services
Multiple mobile stores with its accessories and repairing services
Om services has multiple branches offering exclusive Samsung mobile devices with its
accessories and repairing services. Om services provides a complete range of Samsung
products at the best possible prices. The first showroom opened its gates in 2004 and ever
since there has been no looking back. The smart Samsung store and café has exclusive
Samsung gadget launches. Om services increases the first-hand experience through a
dedicated team of mobile experts’ providing demonstrations and customer support.
Om services has a separate area to line up and flaunt the exciting mobile device accessories
as headphones, speakers, screen guard, etc.
Video production and promotion
Rscac films by Sarwadnya is a leading company offering powerful and compelling videos to
target the customers. Rsac offers a comprehensive service ranging from pre-production,
image acquisition to studio post production. As a b2b company, the video promotion services
increases sales and awareness.

Digital services
Sarwadnya Communications offers a wide range of digital marketing services for all
international clients around the globe. Website development and online marketing is the key
element for the growth of the company. It acts like a digital virtual sales rep for the
companies. The myriad of digital services includes:
a. Website promotion
Sarwadnya has won trust of many clients internationally for quality web development and
marketing services to enhance the client’s company visibility in the digital era and draw more
web traffic.
Website analysis
This is an integral website service for every organisation. The website analysis focuses on
keyword analysis and search based results to analyse the website traffic of your website. It
find the most effective strategies to increase the web traffic. This is through creating SEO
friendly content and eliminating the bad links responsible for destroying the professional life
of the websites.
Website designing
Sarwadnya is a professional web designing company providing customised solutions to
clients across the globe. We design SEO optimised websites with high visibility. The
websites are mobile friendly to meet the current demands.
Website development

Swarndya provides comprehensive website development services to international clients
across the globe. From creation of mobile friendly website solutions to customised e-
commerce web development, Sarwadnya has it all. The websites are developed using the
modern technologies, techniques and with an impactful and impressive appearance and high
visibility on the Google search engine.
b. Graphic designing
Sarwadnya provides comprehensive graphic designing services off shore. We deliver print
designs, and logo designs to render the persona of the company. The graphic designing
services includes logos, info graphics, pester, broachers’, motion graphics. Digital illustration
and PowerPoint visualisations.
c. E-commerce
To ensure the success of the company’s e-commerce site, we offer speciality e-commerce
customised solutions to help the business rank in the best possible position and boost the
online earnings.

Brand advertising
Brand promotion or advertising aims at persuading the potential customers to engage more
with the brand and boost sales and the company’s market share. Sarwadnya has an excellent
digital marketing team, to implement strategies for brand promotion. Through advertising
online through different channels like social media, SEO friendly content, email marketing,
the brand promotion team targets to capture the audience and fulfil the business goals.
d. Digital Marketing
Sarwadnya is a full-fledged digital service company which focuses on helping clients from
across the globe connect with their potential customers through a wide range of digital
channels like search engine optimisation or social media. It works to increase the brand
awareness in a large scale to drive higher ROI and generate more lead sales.
SEO- Search Engine optimisation packages are customised to meet the different business
objectives. The SEO experts manually review the websites to increase the SEO optimisation
for greater visibility.
Email marketing – E-mail marketing is one of the most cost effective advertising tools used
around the globe. Our team of advertising experts can help companies efficiently
communicate with the prospective customers.
SMM- The social media marketing (SMM) are meant for small, medium as well as big
organisations or companies. It enhances the social presence in the world of internet through
effective advertising strategies on the social media channels.
PPC – The pay per click service packages are customised for your business growth. It
maximises the return on investment (ROI), from the money which has been spent on internet
advertising, twitter, or Facebook to generate instant traffic to the targeted website of the

Blog Management – We help find the most relevant blog posts and ideas which are tailored to
the need of the potential customers. Our team creates high quality and SEO friendly blogs to
generate higher visibility and increase social traffic.
e. App development

We are the leading servicing company for e-commerce solutions. We develop the futuristic
apps which enhances the value of your brand and generates a higher revenue. We create apps
for all niches be it a powerful business app, an e-commerce app, educational apps,
entertainment apps, or a utility app for all our international clients.